I'm trying out a new way of working with BBEdit, that is I'm trying out the project feature (in my work I usually have text files open that are not related to each other, this autumn is a bit different).

The Project feature is nice and work well for what I'm doing, but can I view two files at the same time? (Assuming that I have the editor pane visible) I can of course open them in new windows but I imagined myself doing something like this:

+ Open the project
+ Click the "Full screen" button
+ Divide the editor pane in three parts
+ Open three files in these parts

This would mean that on my desktop monitor I would see the file listing and three files at the same time. The only way I've come up with doing something like this is to

+ Open the project window with the editor pane visible
+ Open a file
+ Go full screen
+ Close the editor pane and let the file move to a new window
+ Open new files and move them to separate windows
+ Arrange the windows so this kind of line up

While this work, kind of, it's not very elegant and I assume that I'm missing some way of doing what I want to do. I didn't see anything obvious in the manual and I can't find anything in the menus. So what am I missing?

= jem

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