On Monday 06 August 2007 03:21:11 you wrote:
> Richard Jonsson wrote:
> > Isn't Desired TX power supposed to adapt so that higher bitrates are
> > possible, with Bit Rate going lower if that is not enough to keep a good
> > connection?
> Richard,
> Please grab a new copy of the port_to_mac80211 patch, and try the patch
> below. It boosts the desired power by up to 5 dBm as signal - noise
> decreases from 20 to 0.
> Larry

Hard to say if there is a difference. I've noticed that signal quality changes 
between reboots. When I first tried this patch I couldn't get above 36M even 
at the AP, so I loaded the version without the patch. Same thing.
So I rebooted and then all rates worked, even 11M. Even for the driver version 
that didn't work a few days ago.

New/updated observations:
Rate scaling seems to work, but if it gets down to 1M it will not rise again 
unless I force it to a higher bitrate and run iperf for a few seconds before 
setting it to auto. This is even when signal is -5dBm and noise is -80dBm. I 
get a feeling it's a bit to sensitive as it will drop quickly at a few meters 
away. At this distance forced 54M still works well.
Maybe this is due to small dips (0.5sec) in traffic flow?!

With the patch applied power is reported as 27dB in debugfs. With 
debug_xmitpower dmesg reports desired power to be 16.5 and actual 16.25. This 
is max when I manually set power through debugfs. After a while it's down to 
10dB, even though only 1M works where I sit.

Range seems to be higher for B-rates. Maybe this is just how things are, I 
lack experience.
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