Hi Andrei and list,

> The MANRS BCOP document is almost ready!
> Here it is:
> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ZBIvtBQ-Fc4RZKXnOpEQIGJfxPr21brqqiYVRSahN6o
> It has been reviewed by several MANRS participating operators and the
> MANRS BCOP team. Sander Steffann took the editorial pen at the final
> stage of its production, added missing content and brushed it up.
> There is still room for improvement - and the review and feedback from
> this community will be very much appreciated. Please send your comments
> and suggestions.

As I was the last person editing the text, let me also be the first one to ask 
for input :)  What is now still missing is content for the sections:

- Creating a new maintainer in the APNIC IRR
- 4.1.2. Maintaining Contact Information in Regional Internet Registries 

Because I don't have access to the My APNIC Portal and the LACNIC Portal I 
couldn't describe the correct steps for these sections. If anybody has access 
to those portals and can describe the steps and possibly make some screenshots 
that would be great!


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