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"I found that you can get past the vesamenu.c32 by typing "linux" at
the boot: prompt for Fedora 7 and "linux0" at the boot: prompt for
Fedora 8."

--- In, "Kazi Mohammad Guljar Hossain"
> Today i go for install FC-7 in my PC. but no graphical mode at
> bootmenu. I can't install it in graphical mode, but,in text mode it
> installed fine.when i press 'enter' error : vesamenu.c32: attempted
> DOS system call.
> the same error..when i press 'enter' again.the same things happen in
> fc-8.i guess FC-7/8 is not compatible with my video card.Is there any
> solution..??
> machine configuration : 
> P-3 700 MHz
> 256MB
> built in 64 VGA
> Note :there is no problem in redhat-8 and rhel-4.
> ..rousseau

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