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It is here to deal with the Mystery of Matter and to open up a path into a vast domain, where wonderful things will be revealed to us, if we will but observe impartially the results of our experiments and acknowledge the pictures which Nature herself has painted. It is a treatise on science appealing to the Artistic Sense in man, which will enable him to approach with a feeling of reverence and awe a work of art depicting the influence of the stars in earthly substances.

It was Rudolf Steiner, the founder of Anthroposophy who gave us a new insight into the world of minerals, of plants and of animals. It was he who showed humanity the way back again from Matter to Spirit. The following essay is inspired by the teaching that Anthroposophy has to give.

All the substances around us are subject to the laws of gravity. Are all solid bodies however subject only to the earth-forces, or are they acted upon by other outside forces? Is it possible in fact for the stars themselves to influence and to work upon earthly matter?

It is difficult for a modern man to believe that a star, millions of mile distant from the earth, should be able to exercise an influence on it and yet it is so, the stars do influence earthly events.

In a lecture given by Rudolf Steiner to a body of natural scientists, one finds the following important statement: "So long as Substances are in a solid state, they are subject to the forces of the Earth, but as soon as they enter the liquid state, the planetary forces come into play". This means, that the solid, unalloyed iron, or any iron salt is subject only to earth forces, but dissolve it in water and in solution it is subject not only to the forces of earth but also to the planetary forces of Mars to whom we owe the origin of iron on our earth.

Unalloyed silver or any silver salt in its solid state is subject to earth forces, but when dissolved in water it is the Moon, that is working in the solution, for it is to the influence of the Moon in a remote past, that we owe the origin of silver.*

Unalloyed lead or any lead salt in its solid state is subject to earth forces only, but when dissolved in water, it comes under the influence of Saturn according to the statements of Dr. Steiner.

We shall now proceed to describe a series of experiments which, up to a point, anyone can verify for himself. Why I am compelled to say "up to a point" will become apparent in the course of the essay. The preparations for the experiment are exceedingly simple. Except for the substances, only filter paper and a certain kind of glass cup are necessary.

We have been occupied with these experiments for a number of years. They were undertaken for other purposes, and are referred to in other publications.**


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