Am Donnerstag, 15. September 2016 23:26:24 UTC+2 schrieb Phil:
> (1) I know this because I tried reading the ADC REVISION register using 
> the PRU and got zero as a result.

It takes some cycles before the ADC is up and running. Check the ID 
register several times. In libpruio it works similar to this snippet (find 
original code in file pruio_adc.p):

  LDI  r2, 0b10             // load clock demand value
  MOV  r1, 0x44E004BC       // load CM_WKUP_ADC_TSC_CLKCTRL address
  SBBO r2, r1, 0, 1         // write clock register
  LDI  r5, 0                // clear timeout counter
  MOV  r3, 0x44E0D000       // load ADC address
  LBBO r0, r3,  0, 4        // load ADC REVISION
  QBNE AdcCopy, r0, 0       // if ADC is up -> copy config
  ADD  r5, r5, 1            // increase timeout counter
  QBGE AdcWait, r5.b1, 16   // if no timeout -> wait



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