I have the assembly working. I can build assembler and it loads correctly 
and runs, so I can fall back on that. It is fine and it will work. 

However for my work environment it would be easer to program the PRU in C 
for maintainablity. Some developers not used to assembly. I was wondering 
if anyone has converted c out files to bin files that the prussdrv can 


On Saturday, September 17, 2016 at 5:43:55 PM UTC+1, TJF wrote:
> Why don't you use pasm assembler from am335x_pru_package 
> <https://github.com/beagleboard/am335x_pru_package>? It's reliable, fast, 
> has better syntax and the resulting bin files are loading directly by 
> prussdrv functions.
> Regards

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