on a fresh BeagleBone Green ( debian not updated) 

this script was working 

*#! /usr/bin/python*
*import sht31*
*import mraa*

*cov = mraa.Aio(0)*
*print "COV: %s" % cov.read()*

*with sht31.SHT31(2) as sht31:*
*    sht31.turn_heater_on()*
*    sht31.turn_heater_off()*
*    temperature, humidity = sht31.get_temp_and_humidity()*
*    print "Temperature: %s" % temperature*
*    print "Humidity: %s" % humidity*

AFTER an apt-get install upm , that has updated librma0 and of course no 
change of port, sensor etc..

The same script returns an error :

*Traceback (most recent call last):*
*  File "./test.py", line 5, in <module>*
*    cov = mraa.Aio(0)*
*  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/mraa.py", line 1544, in __init__*
*    this = _mraa.new_Aio(pin)*
*ValueError: Invalid AIO pin specified - do you have an ADC?*

What did I wrong ? what is the solution ?

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