Hi Dennis,

On Monday, 19 September 2016 06:51:43 UTC+5:30, Dennis Lee Bieber wrote:
> On Sun, 18 Sep 2016 10:27:55 -0700 (PDT), Viswadeep Sarangi 
> <deepu...@gmail.com <javascript:>> declaimed the 
> following: 
> >I flashed the linux disk image (which I downloaded as .img.xz and 
> extracted 
>         Down-loaded from where? 
I downloaded a kali linux image from : 
The image itself uncompressed itself to be 6.8 GB. 
Does it mean that I cannot flash the eMMC because of the large size ? 

> >After flashing the image, I got the following partitions in the uSD 
> (which 
> >I checked using Windows 8.1 Disk Management Utility) 
> >1. 128 MB FAT Healthy Primary Partition 
> >2. 6.71 GB Linux Partition - Healthy Primary Partition 
>         The "standard" images create a 4GB Linux partition (the size of 
> the 
> eMMC should one use the image to flash the eMMC). To use the rest of an SD 
> card requires playing games with the partition table (somewhat scary to 
> "delete" the only partition on the card, before writing a new definition 
> using the whole card, without losing the data itself). I don't think the 
> current images create a FAT partition at all. 
>         So... How you managed to get a nearly 7GB Linux partition implies 
> using 
> a "non-standard" OS image. What are the contents of the FAT partition? 
> It's 
> potentially a case that the boot sequence is looking for u-Boot 
> initialization on that partition. 
The contents of the FAT partition include :
- a "dtbs" directory, which contains a lot of .dtb files
- uEnv.txt
- zImage file

>         Oh, BTW, I haven't had to use the "boot switch" since last year. 
> Insert 
> SD card and restart device... Boots OS from SD card (might still be 
> reading 
> u-Boot info from the eMMC but then transfers over... I admit I'm not 
> skilled enough with boot systems to know for sure) 
I tried to boot the same without touching the S2 button during power up 
(with the uSD card inside BBB)
The BBB started with only 2 LEDs constantly lit (USR0 and USR1) and the 
other USER LEDs not glowing at all.  

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