I am seeking to build a set of scripts that will automate the config of a 
BBB Rev C with PRU support.   This way churn out 1000's and they will 
always work when starting from a known base.


No TI PRU Cape
No JTag

Just a Beagle Bone.  

*https://github.com/Neil-Jubinville/pru/blob/master/prep_pru.sh   *

I would like to use the latest image at the time of this post which is:   

I noticed that this latest image is all about the remote proc framework vs 
the other method uio_pruss.  Does anyone have working experience with one 
or the other given the kernel in the image?

The difficulty I am having at the moment is when I download a dts for 
BB-BONE-PRU compile to dtbo and try to load it I get the  "Error File 
Exists".   This tells me that the pin overlays are in conflict from what I 
read.   Likely with the HDMI pins.   
Changing this in /boot/uEnv.txt seems to brick device or disable the 
ethernet since I can no longer SSH in.   I'll need to pin up a serial 
output to see if it is still booting and maybe ethernet hardware is down. 
 I am setting the dtb to am335x-boneblack.dtb.

I believe I am close if I can get past the dtb tree that should load by 

At any rate, I am hitting up the community board in the case someone has 
the PRU working with the Debian 8.5 image,  Debian 8.5 2016-05-13 4GB SD 



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