I had a board a few days ago that just stopped working as far as ssh went. 
So, I checked the LEDs on my GbE switch, and the lights were not lit. 
Checking further, I found that the LEDs on the beaglebone were also not lit.

So I disconnected the ethernet jack on both ends and reseated. Nothing. The 
ethernet did not start working again until I rebooted the board, by 
physically pressing the rest button on the board.

I was curious if anyone else had experienced this same thing. This, for me 
has actually happened only once. The board this happened to was a 
Beaglebone green, running from the eMMC. Currently I'm running from sdcard 
but . . .
william@beaglebone:~$ sudo mount /dev/mmcblk1p1 /media/rootfs/
william@beaglebone:~$ cd /media/rootfs/
william@beaglebone:/media/rootfs$ cat etc/dogtag
BeagleBoard.org Debian Image 2016-06-19
william@beaglebone:/media/rootfs$ ls boot/ |grep init

grepping through the various files in /var/log shows that everything was 
working fine as far as I can tell. No error messages that stand out for 
'net' or 'eth0'. I've also talked with a person I know who has experienced 
this them self. Except for them, it has happened more than once, including 
with a 3.8.x kernel as well.

As far as when this happened to me personally, The board was just idling 
for several days(5 - 6 days ) when I needed to get some information from 
the board, and not response via ssh.

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