Just upgraded my BBB from factory image to Debian Jessie: 

With the old Wheezy image and the concept of virtual HDMI capes it was 
possible to disable *HDMI audio* while keeping *HDMI video* alive 
(uENv.txt: cape_disable=capemgr.disable_partno=BB-BONELT-HDMI). This step 
released all preallocated mcasp0-pins for other applications, e.g. for PRU0 
access, while still having an HDMI display attached and running.

Now with Jessie (no more virtual capes) I have difficulties to realize such 
a scenario. Apparently there is no preconfigured DTB with capemgr, eMMC and 
HDMI enabled, but Audio disabled (see http://elinux.org/BeagleBone_DTBs). 
Also the last table at this page (
http://elinux.org/Beagleboard:BeagleBone_Debian_Image_Migration) shows 
nothing more than a question mark for that particular case.

Does anyone have a suitable DTB (or *.dts) at hand or can point me to 
information how to generate such a file from existing device tree source 


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