Is anyone with a Beaglelogic using the 4.9.36-ti-r46 #1 ?.   

I've followed the instructions/image from Abishek on 
https://beaglelogic.readthedocs.io/en/latest/index.html but I can't get it 
to work.

Following the troubleshooting section on the "readthedocs" site everything 
checks out okay also.  As far a I can tell the pins are not being Mux'd at 
all, but I don't know where to go next(novice user) .  I've zero'd my emmc 
so I'm sure I'm running from the SD card.

I've been successful with an older version 
(bone-debian-8.4-lxqt-4gb-armhf-2016-04-10-4gb.img) but would like to 

I don't mind to raise an issue for Abishek in git but I just wanted to see 
if there is something else to try beforehand or if someone can confirm it 
is working.

I've made a posting over on the Beaglelogic group but it is a little lonely 
over there...


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