Have a look at the BeagleLogic project: they use one PRU for data 
acquisition and the other one to write to a portion of DDR allocated 
through a kernel driver:

On Monday, January 22, 2018 at 3:29:36 PM UTC, David Edwards wrote:
> I'm looking at moving away from an FPGA to a PocketBeagle for a new 
> project, and I think I can divide up my real-time tasks between the 2 PRU's:
>    1. Use PRU0 as a SPI master to capture external 16-bit ADC data at 
>    500kS/s
>    2. Store around 30MB of samples in DDR
>    3. Change PRU0 firmware to be a SPI slave to transfer these samples to 
>    an external host with a SPI clock rate in the neighborhood of 40MHz 
>    (~2.5MB/s)
>    4. PRU1 will act as an I2C slave handling stop/start/config requests 
>    for the two PRU0 activities.
> I'm a little concerned about the DDR transfer in step 3 keeping up with 
> the SPI clock rate.  Will this transfer be subject to possible latencies in 
> the non-RTOS core?  Or, is there a way to architect this where PRU0 has 
> direct access to the 512MB external memory?  The linux core does not 
> necessarily need to see or even know about this data, I simply need to 
> store it and then dump it back out.
> Thanks,
> Dave

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