Its good that the I2C busses are now using the same number for each bus
in hardware and software.
But I am seeing something weird with the I2C1 bus.

If i use i2cdetect on bus 0 and 2 the bus scan is very fast and i see
the things i expect from past scans on
older linux versions.

But if i scan I2C1 (i2cdetect -r 1) I can almost go get a cup of coffee
while it scans the bus.
I also do not see anything i would expect out there that i have added to
the bus.

It behaves the same way ( on a BBG ) whether the board is plugged in to
my board or not plugged into anything.

I was wondering if there might be a reason why the different busses
behave so different.

I have a RTC as well as a cape eeprom on I2C2 and they are all
accessible normally.

Just that pesky I2C1 bus.

image used is latest from

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