i am working over beagle bone black. i have got a new board for which i 
have downloaded a new debian image of version 9.3 from beagleboard.org

the image is getting uploaded into my beaglebone.but it has a new gpio 
directory structure as shown below.

export gpio12 gpio20 gpio3 gpio45 gpio5 gpio65 gpio7 unexport
gpio112 gpio13 gpio22 gpio30 gpio46 gpio50 gpio66 gpiochip0
gpio114 gpio14 gpio23 gpio31 gpio47 gpio51 gpio67 gpiochip32
gpio115 gpio15 gpio26 gpio4 gpio48 gpio60 gpio68 gpiochip64
gpio116 gpio2 gpio27 gpio44 gpio49 gpio61 gpio69 gpiochip96

but my application requires gpio 70 - 80 which are not present in new 
debian version. my old beaglebone black is of debian versio 7.9 and my old 
gpio directory structure was

export gpio44 gpio65 gpio70 gpio75 gpio8 gpio88 gpiochip64
gpio10 gpio45 gpio66 gpio71 gpio76 gpio80 gpio89 gpiochip96
gpio11 gpio46 gpio67 gpio72 gpio77 gpio81 gpio9 unexport
gpio23 gpio47 gpio68 gpio73 gpio78 gpio86 gpiochip0
gpio27 gpio61 gpio69 gpio74 gpio79 gpio87 gpiochip32

can anyone please tell me how can i get gpio 70-80

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