I installed  the following image on a BBB version 5AC: 
*microSD/Standalone: (stretch-iot) (All BeagleBone Variants & PocketBeagle) 

Everyting is running fine (at least what I tested: node-red).

The BBB boot button was pushed at startup right at the beginning ( boot on 
the µSD card ).

The problem is that it has to be repeated (button pushed) after a power 
outage (in case of a clean shutdown (UPS) after power outage), Otherwise 
the BBB doesn't simply boot up. That can be a problem in case of remote 
installation. I don't see any warning in the wiki about this behavior 

It may be a hardware problem on my rather old BBB ver 5AC. Does anybody 
encountered the same issue ?

Maybe an addtionnal configuration is needed ?

Any suggestion?


PS: I also tried the following version with same result: Debian 9.3 
2018-01-28 4GB SD IoT 

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