On Tuesday, August 5, 2014 at 1:01:29 PM UTC-5, Maverick wrote:
> Hi 
> I installed minecraft on beaglebone black but it was too damn slow. I 
> figured out that the BBB doesn't have the graphics capability required to 
> run minecraft. But when as in the raspberry pi the minecraftpi runs very 
> smoothly. 
> I want to know what is the exact reason why it can run on raspberry pi but 
> not on BBB. Also, is there any external graphic hardware component that can 
> be added to BBB in order to increase the graphics capability? 
> Last but not least, What is the version of GPU in BBB and how does that 
> effect when we are installing games on it? Which GPU version is compatible 
> to run minecraft on BBB? 
> Thank you!
> Maverick!  

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