Is there a document or something that describes the differences between the 
--bone, --armv7, and --ti kernels?   Why to choose one over the other?  

I've been using the --ti --lts-4_14, but recent versions are completely 
broken for advanced WIFI use cases so I'm kind of trying to figure out what 
options I have to replace it.    Sometime between 4.14.13-ti-r25 and the 
current 4.14 version, someone made the boneheaded (pun intended, no offense 
intended) to include the USB wifi adapters as builtins instead of modules.  
 This completely breaks any usage of external wifi modules that work 
"better" (or in some cases, actually work).  We cannot blacklist the 
builtin modules (even tried the command line params, didn't work).   And 
even without blacklist, they don't work as the firmwares needed by the wifi 
adapters are not included in the initial rd.  I'm not sure why they are now 
built in instead of modules, but it's certainly a huge step backwards IMO.

I can stay on 4.14.13-ti-r25 which works fine, but I'm not sure what fixes 
and such I'd be missing out on going forward.    The --bone  kernels don't 
seem to have btrfs which, while not critical, is something we've been 
looking closer at for the COW and compression.   The armv7 kernel seems to 
work for both btrfs and wifi, but I really don't know what else I'm missing 
out on with that version.

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