We are pleased to announce MuntsOS, an embedded Linux environment, with support 
for BeagleBone and Raspberry Pi boards.  MuntsOS is a RAM resident operating 
system environment that is very easy to install (just unzip one file to an SD 
card) and very lightweight.  It is particularly suited to headless embedded 

Cross-toolchains for Ada, C, C++, Fortran, and Free Pascal are provided.  Run 
time interpreters for C#, Java, and Python 3 are also provided.  Applications 
written for MuntsOS typically use libsimpleio for controlling I/O devices and 
can be highly portable even between board families like the BeagleBone and the 
Raspberry Pi.

MuntsOS is entirely open source.  All original works are copyrighted and 
licensed under a 1-clause BSD license.  Binaries are generally GPL because of 
the components they contain.



Philip Munts, President
Munts AM Corp dba Munts Technologies


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