On Sunday, April 8, 2018 at 1:03:57 PM UTC-4, RobertCNelson wrote:

> Ah, you found a fun bug in the old path..  I'll fix it up for the next 
> person, but you can go down the new path with your setup... 
> [snip...]
> in /boot/uEnv.txt 
> remove your: dtb=am335x-boneblack-emmc-overlay.dtb 
> Then set: 
> enable_uboot_overlays=1 
> disable_uboot_overlay_video=1 

Making this change solved it.  I updated my bb_ble_image.sh script to add 
--enable-uboot-cape-overlays and move from --dtb beaglebone-nohdmi to --dtb 
beagblebone.  However, I couldn't see a way when invoking setup_sdcard.sh 
to set disable_uboot_overlay_video=1 in uEnv.txt via the command line.  So 
I made the following change to add a custom --disable-uboot-overlay-video 
option to setup_sdcard.sh (which temporarily helps me out in this case!):

diff --git a/tools/setup_sdcard.sh b/tools/setup_sdcard.sh
index 9d86f92..b9de76e 100755
--- a/tools/setup_sdcard.sh
+++ b/tools/setup_sdcard.sh
@@ -1266,7 +1266,11 @@ populate_rootfs () {
                        echo "###" >> ${wfile}
                        echo "###Disable auto loading of virtual capes 
(emmc/video/wireless/adc)" >> ${wfile}
                        echo "#disable_uboot_overlay_emmc=1" >> ${wfile}
-                       echo "#disable_uboot_overlay_video=1" >> ${wfile}
+                       if [ "x${uboot_overlay_video}" = "xdisable" ] ; then
+                               echo "disable_uboot_overlay_video=1" >> 
+                       else
+                               echo "#disable_uboot_overlay_video=1" >> 
+                       fi
                        echo "#disable_uboot_overlay_audio=1" >> ${wfile}
                        echo "#disable_uboot_overlay_wireless=1" >> ${wfile}
                        echo "disable_uboot_overlay_adc=1" >> ${wfile}
@@ -2041,6 +2045,9 @@ while [ ! -z "$1" ] ; do
+       --disable-uboot-overlay-video)
+               uboot_overlay_video="disable"
+               ;;

With this I now have an eMMC flasher image that creates the correct 
/boot/uEnv.txt after flashing.

Please let me know if there is a better way to disable video (I just need a 
cmd line option vs whitelisting), there are other options that you might 
want to control (e.g. audio, adc etc) so maybe a more generalized version 
of this would be a nice enhancement.

Many thanks!


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