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>Am Donnerstag, 18. Juni 2020 19:11:20 UTC+2 schrieb Dennis Bieber:
>> -- Linux app sending command to PRU application to modify pin-mux so Linux 
>> app can make use of new state
>How do you make the PRU modify pinmuxing? You have no idea what you're 
>talking about!

        I can only state then, that a quick perusal of the online documentation
(in particular, the github readme) gives this one the impression that the
package provides a specific program running on a PRU which must be used,
and that a host application, via a library, talks to that PRU to perform
I/O. If setting the configuration and subsequent I/O performed without
involving a PRU, it is not readily apparent. The presence of that warning
about the PRU being able to access any memory reinforces this, as it
implies that a PRU could write to the pin-mux registers to change

Dennis L Bieber

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