Start:  Just started using Beancount this month.  Yeah!  We get paid once a 
month.  Usually a day or five before the 1st of the month (depending on 
weekends, etc).  So our month starts with the paycheck and goes to the next 
and need to live within that.

Either way, I need to make a monthly expense report for a previous month 
and to be able to run it at any time within the middle of the current month.

I will need to break out various expenses:
. tithing  (currently set up as a Liability)
. Savings (money moved out to other accounts)
. Housing (mortgage, upkeep, savings to replace furnature, etc)
. Utilities (keep the lights on)
. Insurance
. etc, etc, etc

Just to see where the money is going.  And a custom report is the way to 
go....  Either way, I am searching around the various given reports and 
learning curve is there.  

Where would I put a custom report?  are there any examples (maybe a series 
of scripted query statements?)?  and where would I get some help with my 
first report?

Thank you.

  Craig A.

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