> Just to see where the money is going.  And a custom report is the way to 
>> go....  Either way, I am searching around the various given reports and 
>> learning curve is there.  
> You might want to start here:
> http://furius.ca/beancount/doc/sql
> Likely the SQL report will be sufficient.
Yes, this is the way I am going as this report is very customized for me 
and my family.  I am going to have to run multiple queries and then 
aggregate them into a report we want.  Not something I can 'push' to the 
world (yet).

I now started using the 'pushtag' and 'poptag' to add a month specific tag 
for a calendar 'month.'  Trying to get the query to work though...
pushtag #2016-09
2016-08-31 * "EFT TRANS - INAD ;0116;PAYROLL"
......  blah blah
poptag #2016-09
select * where '2016-09' in tags
select sum(cost(position)) where account ~ 'Income'
works, but
select sum(cost(position)) where account ~ 'Income' and '2016-09' in tags;
throws an error...

I'll keep plugging away at it, but I think I'm on the right path.  Thanks.

  Craig A.

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