I'm a Ledger user thinking of switching to Beancount based on what I 
understand from the documentation on how it handles lots. While trying to 
import my data from Ledger to Beancount using *bean-check* I'm getting a 
syntax error. Here's a small sample from my data:

2013-01-01 open Expenses:Crypto:NetworkFees     BTC

; lots of other transactions were here

2017-06-27 * "Bitcoin network fee"
    ; Account: Pocket money
    Expenses:Crypto:NetworkFees           0.00082487 BTC

When I run *bean-check* on that file, I receive the following error message:

joel@bregalad:~/beancount$ bean-check ledger.bc

/home/joel/beancount/ledger.bc:3308:    *syntax error, unexpected ACCOUNT*

Any ideas what's going on with my directives? Maybe this is an obvious 
beginners mistake, but I can't see it.


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