The "How Inventories Work" document has the following example:

> 2016-07-28 * "Buy some shares of retirement fund"
>   Assets:Invest       45.0045 VBMPX {11.11 USD}
>  …

> 2016-10-12 * "Buy some shares of retirement fund"
>  Assets:Invest       54.5951 VBMPX {10.99 USD}
>   …

> Should result in a single lot with the total number of units and the averaged 
> cost:
>          units ccy    cost    cost-ccy lot-date    label
>        99.5996 VBMPX {11.0442 USD,     2016-07-28, None}

But average cost is calculated with the second transaction so
shouldn't the lot_date be 2016-10-12?

Also, what's the status of the average cost function?

Martin Michlmayr

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