New issue 215: Library of importers, for different filetypes and sources

Michael Droogleever:

People are lazy. New users want to see software work for them before they 
commit to using it. For most new beancount users, especially those that are not 
already using a double entry accounting system, this involves importing data 
exported from their financial institutions. Beancount does not include many 
importers at the moment, there is no formal way of requesting for new ones, and 
anyone who does make one for themselves has no obvious way of sharing this with 
other users. The end result, frequently, is many unknown repos containing 
individual importers.


+ Provide a simple way for those who do not wish to program an importer to 
provide sample files that need to be imported (and give guidelines for 
anonymising them).

+ Use this to make a list of importers which need to be made, ideally sorted 
using some sort of vote system to determine interest.

+ Create a procedure, naming scheme, save location etc. for adding importers. 
Invite people to make PRs to add importers. Simplify the process and encourage 

+ Finally, advertise the list of  importers included with beancount, "batteries 
included", and provide simple generic guides on how to use them.

The goal is to have a sizeable coverage of the major financial institutions 
around the world and their file formats. This will hopefully increase the 
interest in this software and plain text accounting.

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