New issue 224: bean-format: allow specifying just the currency column

Jakob Schnitzer:

Currently, bean-format will determine the maximum width of prefix and number 
"columns" and uses this to align the currencies at column number `prefix 
(left-aligned) + 2 + number_width (right-aligned) + 1` if possible. The 
recently added command line options allow specifying some preferred values for 
these widths. I find these options a bit complicated and propose adding the 
"simpler" option `currency-column` (or some other name): For this the algorithm 
would be adapted to insert the necessary number of spaces between the prefix 
and number so that the currency ends up in the given column. I think if one 
wants to set these alignment options by hand, this is really the value that one 
is interested in (and one doesn't need to study the code to see what the 
options actually mean and where the +3 comes from). Currently, to achieve this, 
one has to do some trial and error to see which combination of prefix-width and 
num-width works best.

Note that this would also mean that the columns could overlap as follows. I 
find this to be a slight improvement, but one might also see this as a 

    longlonglonglonglonglonglonglongprefix     10.00 USD
    shortprefix              10.00000000000000000000 USD

[I'd be happy to implement this in a PR]

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