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> Guys hi,
> From docs (Importing External Data in Beancount
> <https://docs.google.com/document/d/11EwQdujzEo2cxqaF5PgxCEZXWfKKQCYSMfdJowp_1S8/edit#heading=h.gmhz8vh65l8g>)
> i've understood that PDF is not easy format to work with.
> But how other formats compare?

PDF contains blocks of text with their coordinates and a bunch of
PostScript formatting directives (it's a fun language, you should learn it)
and other binary objects. Split lines might generate multiple blocks of
text. It's a drawing. There isn't much structure to read, if you embark on
that project, you have to use a bunch of heuristics to figure out the
original structure from the blocks of text and their location. It's not
quite a research problem but it's not a job you'll ace in one or two
weekends of hacking (though it might be very rewarding, I have an
incomplete stab at extracting tables from PDF that looks promising so I
have a feeling it's definitely doable).

In chase bank i can choose - CSV, QFX, QIF, IIF or QBO
> <https://puu.sh/A4i7B/207ec565ec.png>

CSV or QIF are your easiest ones here.
QFX and QBO are variants of an XML format called OFX with a large set of
tags which are often produced inconsistently by the same Java programmers I
alluded to in the other thread. (Or they might have been .NET programmers,
if I'm not mistaken OFX was born in the guts of the evil empire itself, but
probably before .NET days.)

Which one is better?

If all have the same numbers, the simplest one.
If some have more information, judge whether the extra data is something
you want and worth the extra hacking effort.

I'd shoot for CSV myself (I like it simple and I prefer spending weekend
time in the kitchen than in front of the computer).

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