On Wednesday, February 12, 2020 at 11:50:02 AM UTC+7, Martin Blais wrote:

> Maybe we can come up with some other heuristic to relax the tolerance in 
> terms of USD, so that the maximum of a list of tolerance values (in USD) 
> gets used in the current check. I'd be inclined to consider even a 
> per-transaction override.

Some kind of per-transaction flag seems closer to the new (not yet 
implemented) spirit of "less magic precision/rounding heuristics in 
beancount". Maybe some kind of per-account flag would work? Hmm, that seems 
problematic. What if two accounts have differing flags (imagine a world 
with four or five different balancing strategies for different weird 
scenarios, tax regimes, currencies, whatver), which one gets used? Seems 
like you'd need to *also* support a per-transaction flag to disambiguate 
situations like that.

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