New issue 419: how to extend precanned csv import extract method to add csv 
source to __source__ metadata

Jeff Mondoux:

I have a custom importer to import my banks csv statements, this imported 
inherits from beancount csv importer in which I override the extract\(\) method 
as such:


def extract(self, file, existing_entries=None):

    mapped_account = self.file_account(file)

    entries = super().extract(file, existing_entries)

    for entry in entries:


    return entries


What I can’t figure out with my limited python abilities is how can I add the 
raw csv line to the \_\_**source**\_\_ metadata field so that it can be 
displayed by fava import gui.  I want to avoid rolling my own csv importer 
entirely as the generic csv importer provided by beancount does what I need for 
the most part.  I know I can reread the csv file a second time to append the 
data, but is this the best or only way?

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