Dear Friend,

I am Bernard Madoff, the founder of Wall Street Firm, Bernard L. Madoff 
investmentsecurities LLC in 1960 and was the former chairman of NASDAQ. I was 
accuses of fraud worth over $170 Billion Dollars and was arrested on Dec 11, 
2008 and on March 12, 2009, I was convicted of 11 federal crimes and admitted 
to operating the largest ponzi Scheme in 
history.( Let me not go into 
much details.

I have in my possession the sum of Seventy Million Great British Pounds 
(70,000,000.00GBP) in a Bank, which nobody else knows about this except my 
account officers because the money was deposited under serial codes. I need 
your help, to get this money out from the bank where its deposited and use it 
for charity work. I have lost everything in life and I can't get close to this 
fund on my own due to my situation, because the government have confiscated 
everything that I have. And are still eager to confiscate more if they find out 
any money or asset linking to me which I do not want it to happen That is why i 
contacted you to partner with me to get the fund to a safer bank where you can 
have control over it.

This is the sharing modalities, 50% goes to charity and 20% will be mapped out 
for the promotion of gospel, building of churches and mosques all over the 
world and 30% for you. You need to assure me that I can trust you and you will 
not capitalize on my problem to divert this fund once it gets to you. I would 
have prefer if you can visit me in the prison to see me and discuss detail with 
me but if you cannot, I will do it basically on trust since I have no choice.

I will be waiting for your reply any moment from now.

With Kind regards
  Bernard Madoff

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