On 14/02/18 13:38, Christopher Samuel wrote:

Now that *might* be because I'm having to (currently) run it
on a non-KNL system for testing, and perhaps it probes the
BMC to work out what options it makes sense to show me..

So yes, that appeared to be the case.

Also if you run it without a config file it complains:

# syscfg -h
Cannot stat /etc/omreg.cfg file. Please ensure /etc/omreg.cfg file is present and is valid for your environment. You can copy this file from the DTK iso.

Copying the config file from an existing node resulted in:

# syscfg -h
The required BIOS interfaces cannot be found on this system.

But if I copy that file to another location:

# mkdir -p /opt/dell/srvadmin/etc/

# cp -pvf /etc/omreg.cfg /opt/dell/srvadmin/etc/
‘/etc/omreg.cfg’ -> ‘/opt/dell/srvadmin/etc/omreg.cfg’

# syscfg -h

syscfg Version 6.1.0 (Linux - Oct 22 2017, 09:07:10)
Copyright (c) 2002-2017 Dell Inc.


# syscfg --ProcEmbMemMode

So looking good!

All the best,
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