No policy here.  People can keep stuff as long as they like.  I don’t agree 
with that lack of policy, but that’s where we are.

We did propose a 90 day limit, about 10 years ago.  It lasted about, er, 90 
days, before faculty started screaming.  ☺


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For our larger groups, we'll meet with them regularly to discuss their space 
usage (and other IT needs). Even that's unlikely to be frequent enough, so we 
direct usage alerts to their designated "data manager" if they're getting close 
to running out of space. Aside from regularly clearing out scratch space, 
though, we try to stay out of deletion decisions, to avoid problems stemming 
from miscommunication between the group and IT, or even within the group (left 
hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing).

On Mon, Feb 19, 2018 at 6:12 AM, Richter, Brian J {BIS} 
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Hey All,

I was hoping to get some recommendations for Storage. Last year we set up our 
first HPC and I’m looking for a good strategy moving forward for Storage. We 
set up a dedicated space on the cluster for Storage that has 5.5 TB of space. 
This space can be quickly chewed up depending on the project the business is 
working on. Do you guys typically do a retention policy on the cluster to 
ensure there is always enough space? I was thinking anything older than a month 
should be cleaned up.


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