900 users on MSDE... you're asking for trouble.
I would absolutely move to a remote SQL 2005 server solution as soon as 
Here's a KB article for with migration steps:

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Hi Everyone,

Do you know if it is desirable to have the SQL database on a separate server or 
is it best to have the SQL database local. Our Company deploys SQL Server 
farms. Our BES has almost 900 users and is on MSDE. We need to migrate to full 
blown SQL. We are running BES 4.1.6 for MS Exchange. Also what version of SQL 
are supported? Trying to plan a strategy crashed last weekend and I think we 
have outgrown MSDE.

As usual everyone's help is greatly appreciated.


Doreen Moller
Lead Analyst,  Infrastructure - Mobility
Schering-Plough Corp
908-473-3627 (Summit)


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