Please forgive my insufficient knowledge about MVPN,
but I need some advice to answer the MIB doctor's
questions (attached in the end of this mail)

a) Format and examples of Tunnel Identifier in PMSI Tunnel Attribute

   L2L3-VPN-MCAST-TC-MIB provides a textual convention
   (L2L3VpnMcastProviderTunnelId) representing
   the Tunnel Identifier of a P-tunnel.

   a-1) I would like to know if there is  any preferred format
          when a Tunnel Identifier is printed.

   a-2) In the case that there is no preferred format,
          the MIB doctor request us to show some actual
          examples of the Tunnel Identifier.
          Is there any good reference to see the actual examples?

b) Required information to identify a particular P-tunnel

    l2L3VpnMcastPmsiTunnelAttributeTable defined in L2L3-VPN-MCAST-MIB
    is a table to provide P-tunnel information.
    Currently the index of this table is composed of
    information objects representing Flags, Tunnel Type,
    MPLS Label, and Tunnel Indentifier in
    delivered in PMSI Tunnel Attribute.
    I think the index must be composed only of minimal
    objects to identify a particular P-tunnel.
    Thus, Tunnel Type and Tunnel Indentifier are required
    for the index as described in Sec. of RFC6513,
    but Flags is not required.

    b-1) How about MPLS Label? Is it required to be included in the index?

I hope that someone could give me some help.

Thanks in advance,

-- tsuno

2017-07-09 14:11 GMT+02:00 Glenn Mansfield Keeni <gl...@cysols.com>:
> L2L3-VPN-MCAST-TC-MIB is almost OK.
> smilint gives warnings
> (snip)
>   L2L3-VPN-MCAST-TC-MIB:112: [5] {type-without-format} warning: type
>   `L2L3VpnMcastProviderTunnelId' has no format specification
> This may be avoided by specifying a format in which the
> L2L3VpnMcastProviderTunnelId should be printed.
> Is there a preferred format? How will this be printed?
> One continuous octet string?
> (snip)
> But before we go on to the next stage could you please confirm that
> A. The l2L3VpnMcastPmsiTunnelAttributeTable needs all of the following
>    four MOs as index for its rows
>              l2L3VpnMcastPmsiTunnelAttributeFlags,
>              l2L3VpnMcastPmsiTunnelAttributeType,
>              l2L3VpnMcastPmsiTunnelAttributeLabel,
>              l2L3VpnMcastPmsiTunnelAttributeId
>    The l2L3VpnMcastPmsiTunnelAttributeId by itself is inadequate? If yes
>    please explain it to me. Or point to the text that contains the
>    explanation.
> I have been unable to confirm the above from the draft - that is very
> likely due to my lack of understanding of the l2L3VpnMcast technology.

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