Dear bess WG:

As you know, Martin has been selected as a Routing AD starting next month
at IETF 101 in London.  As a result, he will be stepping down as bess
co-chair.  Martin: thank you for all the work and time you have dedicated
to the WG — we all look forward to working with you in your new role.

In consultation with Stephane and the other ADs, we have asked Matthew
Bocci to take on the role of bess Co-Chair.  Matthew is an experienced
Chair (he is also the Co-Chair of nvo3, and has served in other WGs) and
has been participating in the IETF for over a decade.

I am adding Matthew as a third Chair to facilitate the transition.  The
expectation is that he will fully take over for Martin at IETF 101.
Welcome Matthew!

Matthew can be reached at


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