Dear colleagues,
I would like to clarify a couple of points regarding extended communities 
mentioned in Section 3.2.1 of the draft .

1.       This section says that the MAC.IP Advertisement EVPN route learned 
from ARP by the ingress is advertised along with the following two extended   

a.       Tunnel Type Extended Community

b.       Router's MAC Extended Community
I have tried to find the Tunnel Type Extended Community in the relevant IANA 
registries, but failed to do so. Did you actually mean the BGP Encapsulation 
Extended Community (RFC 5512<>) that carries 
the Tunnel Type inside and can be used instead of the BGP Tunnel Encapsulation 
Attribute (defined in the same document) if there is no explicit encapsulation 
information to be signaled?

2.       RFC 8365 that extends the list of tunnel types that can be carried in 
the BGP Tunnel Encapsulation Attribute or in the BGP Encapsulation Extended 
Community to include MPLS encapsulation states in Section 5.1.3 that ""The MPLS 
encapsulation tunnel type ... is needed in order to distinguish between an 
advertising node that only supports non-MPLS encapsulations and one that 
supports MPLS and non-MPLS encapsulations.  An advertising node that only 
supports MPLS  encapsulation does not need to  advertise any encapsulation 
tunnel types". Does this imply that if Symmetric IRB is used in EVPN-MPLS, 
there is  no need to attach the BGP Encapsulation Extended Community to the 
MAC/IP Advertisement routes learned by the ingress PE? (Since the draft 
explicitly states that the Router's MAC Extended Community is not required in 
certain situations that include EVPM-MPLS, this would mean that neither of the 
extended communities mentioned in the draft is required in the EVPN-MPLS 

Your timely feedback will be highly appreciated.

Regards, and lots of thanks in advance,

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