The subject draft was designed w/ NSH in mind.  We added an MPLS representation 
of the NSH later, which is the subject of the first draft you referenced, below.

The way the subject draft is written, the representation of the NSH  and the 
type of transport tunnel can change on a hop-by-hop basis at the discretion of 
the selected next-hop SFF.  This is through the use of the encapsulation 
attribute, which gives us a very open-ended framework in which to work.

I think the latter two drafts you referenced, below, are actually supported 
already but what needs to be written down is exactly what an SFF needs to 
advertise in the encapsulation attribute in order to support them.

I would be happy to work on this w/ anyone else who is interested.

Yours Irrespectively,


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I need to get into more details, but the current draft is written with 
draft-ietf-mpls-sfc-04 dataplane in mind. I believe that the draft can be 
useful with other dataplanes like: draft-ietf-mpls-sfc-encapsulation and 
So I would like the see the BGP control plane extensions here to become more 
generic to support multiple data-planes options. I need to go in more detail, 
but from high level this is my feedback here. I don’t want to stop/block this 
work as I believe this is a very useful proposal, but if we make it more 
generic it can serve a bigger purpose.

So I would like to see the following:

  1.  Protocol draft
  2.  Use case drafts for the different data planes.

My 2 cents.

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Subject: [bess] WGLC, IPR and implementation poll for 

Hello Working Group,

This email starts a three weeks Working Group Last Call on  
draft-ietf-bess-nsh-bgp-control-plane [1].

This poll runs until *the 4th of February*.

We are also polling for knowledge of any undisclosed IPR that applies to this 
Document, to ensure that IPR has been disclosed in compliance with IETF IPR 
rules (see RFCs 3979, 4879, 3669 and 5378 for more details).

If you are listed as an Author or a Contributor of this Document please respond 
to this email and indicate whether or not you are aware of any relevant 
undisclosed IPR. The Document won't progress without answers from all the 
Authors and Contributors.

We have several IPRs already disclosed.

If you are not listed as an Author or a Contributor, then please explicitly 
respond only if you are aware of any IPR that has not yet been disclosed in 
conformance with IETF rules.

We are also polling for any existing implementation as per [2].

    Thank you,

    Stephane & Matthew




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