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sajassi> AS> RFC 7431 has procedures for duplicate MAC address detection.

rfc 7431 is the Informational RFC titled "Multicast-Only Fast Reroute".

Perhaps you mean rfc 7432. And I suspect you mean Section 15.1

draft*evpn-inter-subnet-forwarding should call out this cross-reference
explicitly, so that the reader does not have to speculate (as I
just did)

sajassi> AS> If ARP probing is done before the target NVE gets to
declare that the TS has moved, then the MAC move is delayed
unnecessarily for ALL the legitimate MAC move cases which in turn can
cause some loss of traffic and degradation in service. It should be
noted that the MAC move procedures in here is consistent with RFC
sajassi> AS> same reply as above.

it's a bit odd that lot of chaos can happen for approx 3 mins
when there is actually a duplicate address (created accidentally
or maliciously) but I suppose you could say that this is already
based on 7431, so not something introduced by


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