jacobacci wrote: 
> With 7.7, LMS used to show the following behaviour:
> If I am logged into my local library (on my NAS) and I go to favorites,
> there was a line "mysqueezebox.com" to access my favorites on
> mysqueezebox.com with one button press.
> With 7.9. this line is no longer there and I have to manually switch to
> mysqueezebox.com and then go to favorites to access my favorites stored
> there. Then I have to manually go back to my NAS library if I want to
> play music from that library again.
> Am I doing something wrong or is this by design?
> Thanks a lot for keeping LMS alive. You are all heroes!

How old is your 7.9?

It's there for me on the latest nightly 7.9.

How many favorites do you have on mysqueezebox.com, would it be too much
effort to make them favourites in LMS?

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