mherger wrote: 
> >   [16-11-30 21:35:58.0289]
> Slim::Plugin::DontStopTheMusic::Plugin::dontStopTheMusic (246) Found
> radio station last in the queue - don't start a mix.
> You don't happen to know what that tune was, do you?
> > So it's supposedly finding a radio station in my playlist. Which is of
> > course not present.
> The message could be misleading. It would be logged if the last track in
> the queue did not have any duration information. That's rather unusual 
> for a non-radio track, though.
> -- 
> Michael
I saved the playlist. Which song should I look into? The last one only,
or the last 2 or 3?

But like I said, the issue won't repeat itself, if I start the playlist
again with the last song.

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