Can anyone tell me if something has changed recently with the response
to a CLI "status" query?  My home automation software no longer pulls
artist, album, genre, etc from Squeezebox and after some digging it
appears the issue may be due to squeezebox's response to the CLI status

Here is an example request and response:

    00:04:20:16:14:7d status - 1

    00:04:20:16:14:7d status - 1 player_name:Tuner 1 player_connected:1 
player_ip: power:1 signalstrength:0 mode:pause 
time:1.10068507766724 rate:1 duration:222.706 can_seek:1 mixer volume:100 
playlist repeat:0 playlist shuffle:1 playlist mode:off seq_no:0 
playlist_cur_index:1 playlist_timestamp:1502044379.83552 playlist_tracks:2 
digital_volume_control:0 playlist index:1 id:26958 title:These Are Days

As you can see, the response does not contain any information about the
current track except for title.  Any help would be appreciated.

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