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Milestone summary update of the Batch Upload programming.


-          1. milestone: collection of all the files in step 1 of the batch
upload completed

-          2. milestone: user guide for all 3 steps of the batch upload

-          I'm in my schedule with steps 1. and 2.

-          3. milestone: surprisingly quick adaptation of the NHibernate
configuration for use with Microsoft SQL Server

o    This configuration has not been tested and is not recommended for
production use

o    The following MS SQL servers are supported

*  Microsoft SQL LocalDB 2016 - suitable for development, MS SQL Server
running in user-mode

*  Microsoft SQL Server 2016 [express/standard/enterprise]-suitable for
production environments.

*  Both MS SQL Server configurations should be tested in detail, before
developers and productive environments work with RDBMS

o    An interesting detail in the MS SQL Server 2016: In-databse running R
scripts with T-SQL language



That was my Milestone summary update to the batch upload.





Mit freundlichen Grüßen/With kind regards/Med vänliga hälsningar


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