Dear all,

if you wonder what happened to the users stories we collected during the
meeting on January 26, 2018, here is our proposed schedule. The good
news is, most of the highly demanded features are schedule for the next
release. The tentative date for the next release (BEXIS 2.12) is end of
June 2018. Please let us know if that works for you, and whether there
is anything that cannot wait until then.

(We were hoping to refer you to GitHub already, but the migration from
TFS to GitHub is still ongoing. So Google Doc need to suffice once more.
FYI: At the end of last year we decided to move completely to GitHub
(code & issue/task management) to be more transparent and more open for

for full details:

in summary:

Sprint 76 (March 2018)
User Stories: 1, 18, 2, 4, 7, 13

Sprint 77 (April 2018)
User Stories: 1, 6, 14, 15, 19, 21, + integration of GFBio Terminology

Sprint 78 (May 2018)
User Stories: 5, 12, 17

Sprint 79 (June 2018)

The are a some user stories not scheduled here which we would like to
see as contribution from the following projects:

User stories: 8, 9, 10

Biodiv. Exploratories
User stories: 3, 11, 16

Depending on their availability and scheduling, these feature may be
included in Release 2.12.

FYI: This schedule is based on: a) the priorities you specified, b) our
envisaged solution, c) our estimation of the effort to implement the
solution, d) availability of the development team. Please note that this
schedule is rather ambitious, given the fact, that some solutions need
further investigation and specification, plus we are working parallel on
the improvement of our internal procedures (e.g. implementing unit testing).

Now it's your turn: please let us know what you think, either by email
or by commenting in the google doc.

Many thanks,

Am 24.01.2018 um 16:28 schrieb
> Dear all,
> just a quick reminder:
> If you plan to join the meeting on Friday from remote, please provide me
> with your Skype name, so that we can add you to the conversation.
> The meeting will start at 10:30 am.
> Looking forward to meeting you,
> Roman
> Am 09.01.2018 um 17:31 schrieb
>> Dear all,
>> thanks a lot for your response. According to the Foodle the meeting will
>> take place on Friday, January 26, 2018 from 10:30 -15:30 in Jena
>> (Ernst-Abbe-Platz 2-4, Room 1224a). We will set up remote access via
>> Skype (yes, our teleconf equipment works best with Skype). Those of you
>> who would like to attend remotely, please provide me with your Skype name.
>> If you like to read up on how to write a user story, here is a good
>> reference:
>> Thanks for your time an collaboration.
>> Best wishes,
>> Roman
>> Am 03.01.2018 um 13:41 schrieb
>>> Dear all,
>>> First of all, Happy New Year to everyone!
>>> We would like to set up a joint meeting (or WebConf) of all data
>>> managers/coordinators maintaining and running a BEXIS 1 or 2 instance. 
>>> The purpose of this meeting is to collect user requirements from the
>>> community again in order to plan the next release(s) of BEXIS 2 (both,
>>> in terms of features and time). The goal is to produce a prioritised
>>> list of feature requests (user stories) for the next release(s).
>>> Please indicate your interest and availability in the Foodle (please
>>> leave a comment, if you prefer to join remotely):
>>> In order to have a productive meeting, please prepare a list of feature
>>> requests (3-5 items) and describe each one as a user story beforehand.
>>> During the meeting the focus will be on coordinating, harmonizing and
>>> prioritising the different user stories brought to the table by the
>>> participants.
>>> Looking forward to meeting you in Jena (or remotely),
>>> Roman
>>> FYI:
>>> Before X-mas we conducted a meeting with most BEXIS 2 core developers to
>>> identify issues/shortcomings in the current development process. We came
>>> up with quite a list of things that could be improved. We grouped them
>>> into 5 categories: workflow, documentation, best-practices, testing,
>>> tooling and decided to implement them gradually. For example, we decided
>>> to go more open and shift from our local MS Team Foundation Server to a
>>> public GitHub repository for code and task management (incl. issue
>>> tracking). To kick-off these improvements we will spend most of our time
>>> in January on that. So feature development will resume in February 2018
>>> based on the results of our joint meeting mentioned above.


Roman Gerlach
Head of Research Data Management Helpdesk
Michael-Stifel Center, Friedrich-Schiller-Universit├Ąt Jena
Ernst-Abbe-Platz 2-4, 07743 Jena (Germany)

Visiting address:
Leutragraben 1, Jentower 17N04, Jena (Germany)


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