Commit: cd843409d3b702d319d841a07849ea8824414083
Author: Lukas Stockner
Date:   Mon Oct 17 12:28:01 2016 +0200
Branches: master

Fix T49630: Cycles: Swapped shader and bake kernels

The problem here was, as the title says, that the two kernels were swapped.
Since shader evaluation is only used for building the samling map when World 
MIS is enabled, rendering without it would still work fine, although baking 
also was broken.


M       intern/cycles/device/opencl/opencl_base.cpp


diff --git a/intern/cycles/device/opencl/opencl_base.cpp 
index 025a61c..ea65be3 100644
--- a/intern/cycles/device/opencl/opencl_base.cpp
+++ b/intern/cycles/device/opencl/opencl_base.cpp
@@ -489,9 +489,9 @@ void OpenCLDeviceBase::shader(DeviceTask& task)
        cl_kernel kernel;
        if(task.shader_eval_type >= SHADER_EVAL_BAKE)
-               kernel = base_program(ustring("shader"));
-       else
                kernel = base_program(ustring("bake"));
+       else
+               kernel = base_program(ustring("shader"));
        cl_uint start_arg_index =

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