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> BGE: bindId property in VideoTexture.Texture (to get the openGL id of the 
> texture)
> Now if you have a VideoTexture.Texture you can use its id and draw it with bgl
> The Id is only going to be valid if the obj you are getting the 
> VideoTexture.Texture from has a valid texture. In the examples you will see 
> them as planes, that become invisible at load time, but are needed to 
> validate the texture id.
> This is a simple example file:

I tried both files and they worked. However I am not sure what the use 
of this is? Drawing GUIs in the BGE?

Is it also possible to draw into textures which are mapped onto an 
object? (sorry no time to try).

The example files are a bit "dry" to made artists interested ;-)

BTW: I am used to (NaN times) and willing to work with all developers 
who need good test scenes for new features, and also willing to help 
while documenting new features. Just ask!


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