Hi, meeting notes for today's Blender 2.8 planning.

= Last Week =

* Bastien: Did RC1.

* Campbell: Added manipulators for render-border, compositor-crop & area lamps. 
Exposed some API issues that took time to resolve. Also tested lamp positioning 
tool which could use some user testing [1].

* Clément: Refraction was much more a problem than expected. But managed to 
find a decent approximation for probes. Started Screen space refraction but 
need to finish it. ETA is 2 days.

* Luca: Worked on a new physics system proposal, and started a proof of concept 
implementation of physics nodes, to be finished today.

* Sergey: Was away at SIGGRAPH.

= This Week =

* Bastien: Will merge ID copying into master, then work on assets & workspace. 
Will also start reviewing students' GSoC.
* Campbell: Continue working on [2]. Help in other areas if its needed. Would 
like to continue working on viewport a bit.
* Clément: Finish last week plans: screen space refraction. Then GTAO fix, and 
some polishing.
* Luca: Finish the physics nodes proof of concept implementation and work on 
other parts of the proposal, such as caching.
* Sergey: Catch up with what happened in the past week. and keep working on 
CoW/modifiers, making sure all production scenes works and make it so tools are 
aware of the new concepts (mainly adding missing update tags via deg and such).

[1] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xXzpQitJAhE
[2] https://developer.blender.org/T51844



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