Dear All,

Please read following story of Taxindiaonline. Commissioner of Customs
is being instructed by the officers Vigilance Directorate of Customs &
Central Excise (Where I was on deputation earlier) not to accept my
voluntary retirement. This is due to complaint lodged by Ravindra Kumar
of Rashtrya Mukti Morcha, who has accepted huge bribe from the officers
who were then investigated by me. Can any one in the group ask this
Ravindra Kumar how much amount he has accepted to lodge complaint
against me and whether it was at the behest of our former Finance


VB Singh

Mumbai Customs does not 'trouble', only harasses own officers!

GOOD officers getting bad posting is no news. But, bad officers getting
sensitive posting is certainly a newsy news. But what about good
officers getting punished for making good cases? Strange things seem to
be happening in Mumbai Customs. It is a widely accepted fact that the
department has stopped booking good cases (not talking about statistics)
of late. Solid cases have become a scarce incidence of prevention. It
appears it may soon become a subject of Customs folklore! In case some
officers manage to book good cases, dozens of senior officers do not
welcome it, and embark on what is known as 'victimisation muheem'! If
the officer loses faith in the working of the Department and opts to
resign, vigilance and others join hands to reject the resignation on
hollow and legless alibis. But can voluntary retirement be denied on the
ground that somewhere in some corner somebody is likely to initiate some
sort of vigilance case! To sum it up, a thick layer of top echelons
gangs up to harass the officer so much that it becomes an example for
other officers not to make 'good' cases if they want to make good of
their tenure with Mumbai Customs!

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