Hello, Manuel,
After upgrading to Emacs 25, I started getting an error indicating that the 
variable outwin was not defined when attempting to compile code in Emacs. I 
traced this to following code in ude-compile.el.
(setq compilation-process-setup-function
  '(lambda ()
     (set-window-point outwin (point-max))
     (sit-for 0)))

With the version of compile.el provided with Emacs 25, the visibility of the 
outwin variable seems to have changed and is no longer visible when calling the 
compilation-process-setup-function. My immediate solution was to just remove 
the line (set-window-point outwin (point-max)). This is less than ideal, since 
we often want to monitor the progress of the build, but better than an error. 
As I have time, I will investigate how one is supposed to accomplish this 
functionality with the version of compile.el provided in Emacs 25.
Thanks,Joseph Donaldson

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